Story of SS Estline (Estonian title: Lugu enne SS Estline) is an Estonian-language webcomic, although produced in United States. 



  • Wendeline Frisby: a rich 21-year-old onboard the Estline.
  • Stanislaus Dogson: a poor 24-year-old onboard the Estline, who stowed away.


  • Travis: a Fila Brasileiro and Stanislaus's dog.
  • Jerrica: a Cavalier spaniel and Wendeline's dog. 
  • Marinus: a rapping Mexican hairless who stowed away with his mouse friend.
  • Tony: the pet dog of Sherlock, helping him with his search for a rat.


  • Sherlock: a rodent detective looking for a rat criminal who snuck aboard the Estline. 
  • Ophelia: a child mouse whom Sherlock is protecting
  • Jenkin Rattington: the "rat criminal" mentioned above. 
  • Mike: a Mexican mouse who stowed away with Marinus.